Servers store all your business' files and services in a central location, making them accessible to all users on your network anytime you need. We can help you, through our server support, maintain the security and reliability of that system.

We Help Protect Your Investment!

Choosing to utilize a local server for your business is a big decision. Once you’ve decided though, you can’t afford to have it go down. There are a number of items that have to be done to protect your investment. Both the data and hardware need to be monitored and maintained.

Our Maintenance Includes...

Periodical Updates


The Computer Guild Server Support Advantages


When you have data, you must make sure it’s protected. Whether it’s from an attack, an infection, or simply hardware failure. Your data has to be protected at all times. This requires the proper combination of defenses including a good antivirus that protects against all modern infections, attacks, and a complete backup solution utilizing off-site backups with multiple recovery points.


Protecting a computer’s hardware from any/all risks is almost impossible. However, there is plenty that can be done to help mitigate the risks your hardware is exposed to. This includes practices such as keeping your data stored on RAID arrays, keeping your mission-critical devices connected to a battery backup in case of power failure, and proper climate control systems where appropriate.. These are all different ways you can help protect your hardware against failure.


In many cases, your local network will depend on your server to operate. It’s vital that you have the proper equipment and settings in place so your network stays online when the server fails.