Our Non-standard approach to IT and technology allowed us to earn a large number of clients that enjoy our services on a daily basis throughout the country.

We are able to give our clients special attention from technicians they’ve met and know.

Overcomplicating IT is how most MSP’s make a lot of money, they believe that they can scare you into paying them whatever they ask for to keep your systems running. At The Computer Guild, we help simplify IT so it’s easily managed. Helping to reduce costs of both, support and systems.

We don’t just wait until systems break to deal with them. We are proactive in identifying weak points and addressing them before there is a failure, with disastrous effects.

We have vast experience in working with multiple industries; healthcare, dental, financial, legal, manufacturing, insurance, services, retail, restaurants, and much more. Odds are, we’ve worked with your proprietary software supplier in the past and know the ins and outs of how your business operates from a technical point of view. This allows us to help keep your business running smoothly with technology, instead of having a high volume of disruptions caused by technical issues all the time.

Our engineers and technicians are well trained and have a long history of experience in working with systems just like yours. The Computer Guild has been assisting businesses just like yours for over 15 years. Our Engineers have an average experience history of over 10 years, allowing them to give your organization the best support possible. Refer to our history to learn more about our experience.

We have experience in setting up and operating an in-house IT department that includes none of the standard overheads. You can use our team as your in-house IT department without having to worry about hiring the right technicians with the appropriate experience. You also get the full support of our entire MSP organization to assist with all your needs.

Over the years, The Computer Guild has grown to be one of the leading IT service providers in the area for small to medium-sized businesses. Our organization is easily one of the most recognized names in the area for home user computer repair and support. However, our MSP team has outgrown the large margins over the past 10 years, bringing our business IT support to 5 fold the size of our home user support operations.

If you have your own in-house IT department, our team can complement their efforts by offering the appropriate tools and backup support for when the situation needs a lot of hands-on deck.

The bottom line is, you want technology to be something that helps your business, not something to worry about. As an MSP our team knows exactly what to do to accomplish that goal.

The Computer Guild is doing the hard work to keep up and stay ahead of technology trends and tools that are utilized in the industry. We research and develop the right technology and systems to make sure your business IT utilizes the best systems available.

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