E-mail Protection & Scrubbing

Your business would greatly benefit from having a security system that helps your users identify spam, phishing, unsolicited emails.


This allows your users to make better decisions about which emails to open, what attachments are harmful/harmless, and what links are safe to click on.

email security
email protection

Email Encryption

As an MSP, we can give you access to utilize encrypted email services, mail receipt notifications, scheduled email deliveries, and all the top-of-the-line email tools today’s cloud systems have to offer.


Email Filtering

With our software in place, emails are filtered for potentially dangerous content before they ever enter your inbox.

We scrub/filter your emails before sending them to your inbox with the help of our partner, Sophos. Our smart filter automatically blocks certain emails but notifies users to let them know what's coming into their inbox.


Phishing Protection

Email phishing is one of the biggest nuisances that businesses face today. Emails regularly show up in inboxes claiming to be Amazon, Apple, or Microsoft. While those are common, sometimes phishing emails are more creative and can target your business more personally.

It can take time out of an employee's day to determine if the email is real, and even more dangerously, an employee might end up clicking on a link from a phishing email, and from there, their computer can be hacked or worse, their account could be hacked, that includes banking or other sensitive logins. We set up all of our cybersecurity clients with preventative measures so that these emails never end up in your inbox in the first place.